Graeme McKinnon (c)


Graeme McKinnon (c)

The Captain of Real Gothic and star striker. 'Kynon', as he's known, has the best record of any striker who has played for the Goths. He's scored desisive strikes in many games and has also turned provider on a couple of ocassions to. Basically, if Real Gothic win, it's usually down to the Scotsman from Stonehaven.

From his rasping free-kick in the famous 4-3 of win 2007 or his audacious lob in the cut-short 1-0 victory of April 2012 are both hallmarks of a geat player who knows where the goal is.

A keen rugby fan who you'll find more likely to join in with a rendition of "a ring-a-rang-a-roo" than join in with people chanting his name to the Proclaimers song "500 Miles"

Graeme's dulcet tones can also be heard at the start of the RealGothicManuskript song "Wierd Emotion". for that and to watch his famous freekick in 2007, click here>