Interview - Freon Heart (Real Gothic Brasil)

Real Gothic Brasil was set up by a group of friends in São Paulo who came together with a love of Goth music and football. After learning of the UK Real Gothic on Facebook, they set about making their own version. We spoke to Freon Heart about Real Gothic's first overseas team.



Freon Heart: "Football, Gothic Rock and Vino"


Hello Freon, How does it feel to play for Real Gothic Brasil?

Very good. I loved football since I was a child and to participate in a team formed by people with similar interests was even better!

Your first match took place in a torrential downpour. How hard was it to play in?

It was so hard to score that game, but we would not give up so easy. And I think that was our more fun game! We were like children falling into the water.

You’re from Sao Paulo where the first football club in Brasil originated from (Sao Paulo Athletic Club). Whats it like being a Goth in Sao Paulo?

São Paulo is a great city, the most important in the country. Being Goth here is not so unusual. We have well developed a scene, with good audience, bands, parties, international shows... We are trying to make the "Real Gothic BR" becomes better known and attract more fans.


Real Gothic Brasil: Samba spirit in the pouring rain for their debut match.


You often play games against other ‘alternative’ teams, does every music genre have its own team?

Our intention was always to play against other 'alternative' teams. When we started playing we discovered a large network of alternative teams in Brazil and also in the world. But now, most of the teams that I know are formed by punks and metalheads. We expect more variety in the future...

Who is your all time football hero?

Romario. The first World Cup I watched was in 1994 and he was incredible in that achievement. He was an outstanding player for many teams, like Flamengo, PSV and Barcelona.

If you could sign one of your Goth icons for Real Gothic Brasil who would it be?

It would be very fun to play with any great artist. Peter Murphy, Ronny Moorings, Diego Merletto (Frozen Autumn), Siouxsie...  =)

Would you like to be the first Brazilian to play for the UK Real Gothic?

Absolutely! And I hope it happens someday. =)


Who in your team are your favourite players to play with?

Taíz and Ed. They are the two players who love football as much as I do! I know I can count on both for any game.


Who do you think will win the 2014 World Cup which is taking place in Brasil?

I hope Brasil. But I think the big favorites are: Spain, Germany and Argentina.