Injuries play part in Goth's defeat

Real Gothic vs Athletico Gazette

Sunday 28th April 2013


Suprisingly good yet windy weather welcomed both teams to the Tunbull Ground in Whitby, as the Goths took on Jon Stokoe's Atheltico Gazette for the final time (they're due to have a name change). The Goths were joined by their new mascot The Grand Old Duke of Goth, a creation more terrifying than anything found in a Steven King novel.

The Goth faithful on the terraces were in good singing voice, chanting all manner of songs from the British National Anthem to Jerusalem changing every word to "Goth" instead. Unfortunately the action on the pitch wasn't as In tune as they were. 


The Grand Old Duke of Goth leads out the team

First Half: As early as the 2nd minute, Goth's winger Richard Dove was taken off after a serious looking injury after a collision with the right boot of vice captain Terry Cummins. His game was already over for another 6 months, an x-ray showed later a fracture to his eye socket. nasty stuff. 

 Dove Eye2

Richard Dove's early injury concerns

Early doors it was all Athletico, making sure their final stand as a team under that guise got a fitting send off. Goths held steady for over 30 minutes before the inevitable came. a shot from distance was spilt by keeper Mark Stevenson in the path of an onrushing Duncan Atkins to give a deserved 1-0 lead. Worse came to worse after that. a Corner was swept in, Athletico's big centre back came in and looped and enormous header over debutant Sean Fitzsimmons and into the back of the net. 2-0. a peach of a goal. by now the Goth's were wanting half time to hurry up. The defence was at 6's and 7's when they were undone by some good passing movement, leading to goal number 3, a low finish into the corner. just as the manager Pablo trudged off towards the dressing room readying his team talk, a clever through ball put another Athletico player through again...  4-0! Bad just became worse!


Goth's Adam Williams starts an attack down the flanks

Half time finally came, and whilst the boys were getting some tactical tinkering the Sisters of Real were on the pitch attempting to keep their 100% record intact and wearing their brand new Illamasqua kit for the first time. They came across the imposing 4 foot figure of Daisy Stokoe in the Athletico Babes net. Save after save was pulled off by the youngest of all the participants, a true Girl of The Match award. It seems another Stokoe will be around to take care of Goth challenges in the future! The ladies graciously accepted their defeat... then headed back to the bar.


"Chill, I got this!" Donna 'Jez' Valenzano before her penalty kick

2nd Half:  Did the same team come out? Real Gothic came out for the second 45 with a real fire in their bellies. Mason Von, deployed at right back first half ended up at right wing, and his pace was used to effect as the Goths finally unlocked the gazette backline to score. great counter attcking play in the centre led to Brad Milner laying a delicious flick on pass to Mason, whose low shot evaded keeper Rich Davies and into the net! 4-1! It had been coming, second half, could the Goths do it? Pressure was still mounting, Goths defended well and countered with speed, but last nights snakebite and blacks were still taking their toll. In a previously discussed tactic, Sisters of Real member Sophie entered the fray to try and distract the opposition... it didn't work. although it was distracting for a lot of people!


not regulation kit but who cares... 

Captain Terry Cummins then felt a sharp pain in his foot, he tried valiantly to continue but he was limping and in pain. Whether or not it was caused by Richard Dove's cheek bone is open to debate.


Captain Terry Cummins before his injury

Clever play centrally from Athletico found numbers forward, a left wing cross inadvertently punched into his own net by keeper Mark Stevenson. 5-1. How would the Goths react? The answer? not well. fatigue was now setting in, defence was found slow to react to a clever pull back and then a short slow trickling finish from an Athletico player into the far corner. 6-1.  The Goths started to roll their sleeves up and started taking the game again to the opposition. A tustle in the box between Mason Von and a defender resulted in a penalty for the Goths. Regular penalty taker Terry Cummins had to be subbed back on to take it, Unfortunately his kick was hindered by his earlier injury, saved by Rich Davies. This was to be Terry's last kick of the game. 


Al Fiendish shields the ball in midfield

Then the comedy began. A mix up between debutant Sean Fitzsimmons and keeper Mark Stevenson led to a simple tap in for another Athletico goal. 7-1! Despite the damage limitation tactics then deployed by manager Pablo Thompson, it was his outstretched foot that diverted a cross into his own net. As he fell to the turf in embarassment, fellow manager Jon Stokoe came and put a consoling arm around his shoulder. 8 (eight)-1. 


"cheer up goth!"

Finally, the final whistle blew. Joy for Athletico in their final match, and a lot of soul seaching to be done by Real Gothic before the game in November. It was fitting that the team left the field to Beck's "Loser".


 The Sisters take the post match raffle.

Onto the club house and some post match drinks and, off course, the Sister's raffle. With lots of money raised for our 3 charities. With that we bid farewell to our adversaries Athletico Gazette and hello to whomever they become next time out. After this performance, it's the Goth's who will need a name change if they repeat these mistakes!


Manager Pablo with opposition manager Jon Stokoe.



thank you to Mel Spencer for all the fantastic photos!

and thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a wonderful atmosphere!